Schizoaffective World

Welcome to my wonderful Schizo-affective world. I will be posting or blogging as they call it three to four times per week. I will focus on tools I have used to help manage my symptoms. I will first and foremost try to be as honest and open as I can about living with this disorder. I will also use examples from my life to make a point or what helped me along the way

I wanted to set up a blog about Schizo-affective and how it affects lives intimately. I don’t find many resources on this disorder not nearly as much as either bipolar or Schizophrenia.

I should introduce myself. I am Vicki and I have lived with schizo-affective disorder for almost twenty years. It has been a long but great journey. However, I will write about my journey over the last twenty years in bits and pieces. If you keep coming back you will learn more and more about me and my life. Stay tuned…