Happy Thanksgiving

I tend to get a little stressed out over the holidays because seeing the family. My uncles and everybody. I think I am not going to see all my cousins etc. On my mom’s side because there are too many of them over 100. And I only see them once a year. So it is more superficial. I rather have just a few people I really care about and see them.

I get stressed out to that my family does not accept my boyfriend it is hard. I will never bring him to a family function. My parents have said he is not welcome in their house. I have many friends on SSDI and my boyfriend is trying to get on and my parents think he is lazy. That’s all they see. Just because he is not the bread winner he is a lazy person.

I don’t love him for that I love him because he is supportive, kind, and loves me unconditionally.

Anyway getting off of subject have a Happy Thanksgiving. Eat up.


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