Support systems help a lot.

It is crucial to have a support system. Whether it is friends or family. They can help see the signs and symptoms before you do. They also can just listen to you. That is one thing as a friend you can do to help. They just want to be heard. Usually nothing more. If you don’t have a support system join a support group and go to that. Anything helps.

My experience with support is that it is a benefits out weighs the it negatives. It helps navigate through the tough times and sail through the good times. You should celebrate the good times when you are doing well.


Don’t be too hard on yourself

Nobody is probably harder on yourself than you. Everybody has hard days. If u have been depressed for months and you have tried everything possible don’t give up. It took me 3 years to get out a funk and thought it would last forever. My attitude had to change I was negative all the time and was too hard on myself. And once I changed this I started coming out of my depression. I still take medicine but it helps having a positive attitude too. Just because it does not get better right away doesn’t mean it won’t get better. There will be better days.

It’s ok to be you…

It’s ok to be yourself. Even if someone thinks you are a little eccentric. Outside the box or norm. Embrace that weirdness. I might talk to myself all the time and answer myself too. But whoever is listening let them listen. Maybe say something real funny. And let them think your insane. Jk.

Getting back to seriousness. I think you should embrace yourself all of your imperfections and little quirks. Not just the good qualities about yourself.