Taking on a different point of view…

Today I went to a conference called women and spirituality. And I had a psychic say that I can communicate with the spirit world. I think it would be cool to do this but my voices say stupid degrading things so I know that it is in my brain and not anything else. She also said I have protectors like a giant guardian angel, a rattle snake. And that if I don’t want to hear the voices anymore envision being inside a bubble. I don’t want to be in a bubble I just want the voices gone for good. Well, I just spent 30 dollars to understand that voices do not come from the spiritual world. They come from inside my head.


Into Fall again..

First day of fall is Friday. Colder temps, leaves changing colors, hot Apple cider. Yet, people who have bipolar or schizo-affective know the changing of the moods. Maybe from mania to depressed or normal to low. It begins again. Maybe not every year like SAD. But you better be prepared. To increase your meds. Talk to your doctor on that. Sleep well, 5-8 hours a night. No caffeinated beverage after 3pm, do your normal routine, school or work.

I tend to get bored at times and sleep the time away. That is what I did today. It was raining and cloudy. But now I have to be careful not to get into a habit of it. I feel the seasons changing. And my moods and energy are changing too.


NAMI is a resource that has helped me a lot over the years. It stands for National Alliance of Mental Illness. It is a nonprofit organization and many of the programs are free. However they do fundraisers throughout the year. There big fundraising event is coming up. The NAMI walk.

It has a family to family support group and a peer support group that you can go to. There is a 12 week family education group. Many other resources to check out http://www.nami.org