Irritability and anger

I tend to get irritable easily. I get annoyed by others and what they say or do. Some days it doesn’t bother me at all and other times it does.

Some of the ways I cope is say this too shall pass. And realize it is just an emotion anger. Everybody gets angry whether they deal with it or not. However when I am starting to become manic I become really angry for no reason at all it seems. It is one of my triggers when I know I have to get my meds adjusted. I do a lot of DBT skills when I become angry. I deep breathe and take a time out like go for a short walk. Or count to 60 seconds when I can’t escape.

I have been doing pretty good at controlling my anger. My boyfriend helps me recognize when I start yelling or getting upset. It helps a lot because a lot of times I don’t realize that it is happening.

So it is ok to be angry but realize when it becomes a problem with others. They can often see it before you can.


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