Speaking to others about your story

I am an advocate of mental illness especially schizo-affective disorder. Over the years I have talked to junior high, high school, and college students about my story.

My story starts out like this. I was studying abroad in London England during that time I went into psychosis. See about three weeks in I started becoming paranoid about others around me. I thought people hated me and were talking about me. I eventually holed up in my room. And not going to classes by mid semester. I also thought my host dad was George Harrison from the Beatles. I was really messed up. I started believing messages were being sent to me through the tv and radio. I thought people could read my thoughts. And I knew what people were thinking.

When I finally was home. I had alll sort of tests done. And they found nothing biologically wrong and sent me to the psych ward. And that is when they diagnosed me with schizo-affective disorder.


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