Knowing when to disclose about your mental illness to family and friends

Many of those who have a diagnosis of a serious and persistent mental illness have to make the choice to disclose their illness to friends and family. I know if you have schizophrenia, schizo-affective or bipolar disorder there is stigma attached to these disorders.

Stigma is a stereotype of a mental illness. For example people with schizo-affective are violent and dangerous. This is actually mostly false most are victims of crime.

So with this in mind many are afraid of what others will think. You have to think about who will be open minded and supportive. Give them a website of the diagnosis. A good one is some of you will choose not to tell. And that’s ok too.

I just am a advocate and speak out about my mental illness I talk about my story locally and have this blog so I don’t really care if I get rejected. If I can change one life then I have done my job.


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