Signs of mania

There are signs of mania to watch out for. First the lack the need to sleep. Two hours a night is not enough. If you have excess energy to the point of painting your walls and buying all new furniture. Then something is wrong.

Second excess spending going shopping and buying thousands of dollars of things you don’t need. I have done this spent 10,000 dollars and put it on a credit card. I am still paying it off through a bank loan. It is so easy to spend. Now I make sure that if I do use a credit card I can pay it off right away.

Third, if you are having sex with complete strangers and not caring about who you hurt. If you are in a committed relationship it will ruin that person’s trust and it maybe does end in divorce. That happened to me I wasn’t getting something emotionally from my husband so I cheated and it ended the marriage. I was not thinking about our commitment toward him. I just wanted hot passionate sex.

You tend to not think about the consequences of your actions you become reckless.


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