Creativity and mental illness

Creativity is considered more prevalent in those who have mental illness. Many great composers, artists, authors and other creative fields have had mental illness. I do write but I don’t stick with it. I have a hard time without a deadline. Even if I make one up it does not stick.

So if you have the drive and time go ahead and write that poem, draw that picture, or write that song. We have to embrace our talents and create. Go ahead and get started…



Working gives me a purpose, money and routine. I really love my job I am a PCA for a home health agency. I get up each morning knowing I make a difference in a person’s life. It is so rewarding.

Money helps with bills and gives me some fun money.

It gives me a routine. Everyday I have a certain client and get up at a certain time. Routine really helps with moods and staying stable. So having a job even if it is only part time helps multiple ways.

Things could definitely be worse

I am living independently on my own for over 5 years and holding down a part time job for almost as long. Many people who live with schizo-affective disorder do not have it as good.

The magic is in taking my medications daily, exercising weekly, getting enough sun light or a specialized light to help with depression, and taking time to relax.

I bought a fit bit recently and it tells me how I slept, my food log, my activity log, how many steps I take in a day, and a relaxation button too. This has been keeping me accountable to just about everything I do to keep myself healthy.

May is mental health awareness month

NAMI which stands for national alliance of mental illness is a grassroots organization and has offices across the country. This is mental health awareness month and NAMI has many different activities this month.

You name it a presentation at the library about violence and mental illness. And a walking group to help get exercise and to socialize. An art and writing class. Just to name a few. And many of these events take place every month.

Please spread the message around to those you know about mental health awareness month. Great time to get educated and involved.


I have anxiety about when I will have another episode. I hate it especially if I am starting to become too happy or too depressed.

I know many people with major mental illness have these fears. I just try to remain in the moment instead of thinking about the worst. Practice mindfulness.

Signs of mania

There are signs of mania to watch out for. First the lack the need to sleep. Two hours a night is not enough. If you have excess energy to the point of painting your walls and buying all new furniture. Then something is wrong.

Second excess spending going shopping and buying thousands of dollars of things you don’t need. I have done this spent 10,000 dollars and put it on a credit card. I am still paying it off through a bank loan. It is so easy to spend. Now I make sure that if I do use a credit card I can pay it off right away.

Third, if you are having sex with complete strangers and not caring about who you hurt. If you are in a committed relationship it will ruin that person’s trust and it maybe does end in divorce. That happened to me I wasn’t getting something emotionally from my husband so I cheated and it ended the marriage. I was not thinking about our commitment toward him. I just wanted hot passionate sex.

You tend to not think about the consequences of your actions you become reckless.

Losing weight while on psych meds…

First when you get on psychotic medications most people have a weight gain that is significant. I am 4 foot 11 inches and weigh 160. I am really trying to lose the weight. I just got a fit bit and been tracking calories and exercise. I feel frustrated I can’t see any results after a week of eating smaller portions than I have been. I feel determined to lose 20 pounds by August. That is 5 pounds a months. If I don’t lose the weight I could easily develop type two diabeties. And that would be another chronic illness to deal with. Many people have both weight causes the diabetes. And so I do want to lose the weight. I need too.