April Showers

The weather of April is usually dark, gloomy and rainy.  Just when you think Spring is here you might get depressed because of the weather.  You can mirror the rain outside feeling like crying on the inside.  Yet, you know Spring is here so you become hopeful that your mood will lift.

I tend to have mixed feelings about April.  It can bring on depression but also bring on happiness.  Sometimes, I wonder if the moods will stay or if is it only for a day or two.  I use my coping skills when this happens.  And I have a sun lamp in my apartment.  It does help me when it is dark and gloomy outside.  I found this lamp on the internet for only 35 dollars.  It was a good investment.  I use it daily in the morning.

My voices are minimal and my moods are the problem area in my life now.  I usually try to be happy but I can put on a happy face too.  I have been told I have such a positive outlook on life.  But that is because I have been through hardship.  And know that I might slip back into depression or mania at anytime.  So I enjoy the moment.


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