Double murder in Rochester Minnesota

I cannot actually get my head around the event of the double murder that happened over this past weekend.  It was in friend’s building that the murders took place.  I knew the two guys personally not very well but some of my friends were good friends with the victims.  I cried over it yesterday and saw my therapist.  I was hearing my voices and had a bad nightmare yesterday.  I had to process the whole thing.  They got stabbed in the back and chest.  It is so sad.  The perpetrator was a middle age guy with schizophrenia and he stopped taking his medications.  He was paranoid and the two victims bullied him.  They all were drinking alcohol and the assailant cracked and now has 2 counts of second degree murder and he is going to prison for the rest of his life or a mental institution if he pleads insane.

This is a shock to the whole community.  It is sad and scary at the same time.  Most mentally ill people are not violent but the ones that are get media attention and the general public stereotypes all people in one lump.  It is not fair to the people who take their medication and are doing well.  I just will go about my business and continue on.


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