My trip to state capital

My trip to the state capital was a success.  First we heard about the issues that the committees and legislators were working on passing into state law.  The ones I am interested in is transitional housing and civil commitment.  I have come to believe these are pressing issues to getting help when you need it the most and to also avoid homelessness.

Then, we rallied in the atrium and got loud.  We need to be heard from around the state and we did it.  But we also need to email, write, or call our legislators and senators during the year.  Being an advocate is not one day a year it is everyday.

My group of four people we got to talk to Tina Leibling.  And each of us got to cover one issue that we felt we needed to bring up.  Suicide, Medicaid, transitional housing, and gun violence.  And she addressed all these issues was very personable.  She represents parts of Rochester, MN.  And so mental health is such a pressing issue now.  Legislators and senators can make a difference in the way we handle the mental health crisis happening here in the United States.

We need our voice heard every single day.  If a situation arises during the day and you feel like you need to speak up do so.  This will educate, dispel stigma and you will be an advocate for mental health.  So please do stand up and make yourself heard.


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