Changing of the Seasons

Changing of the seasons affect everyone especially those with schizoaffective and bipolar disorder.  You come out of the winter into Spring and feel the depression lifting and you return to normal.  Yet you have to be careful not to go into mania.  It is hard to not get too excited for Spring but the longer days mean sleeping less.  And to be outside and exercise helps lift our mood too.

I usually still try to keep sleeping at least 6 hours a night and to read or do something relaxing before going to sleep.  I don’t eat and exercise 3 hours before bed because I will be up longer.  I have not be manic in a a long time but that does not mean that I am immuned to it.

I also keep a journal and it helps me see my mood patterns weekly. And I also see my psych doctor monthly.  This helps me keep my moods in check. I have been doing this for years.  It is a habit and I know if I start getting depressed or have mania.  I know that it is just weeks before I see my doctor again.

So go out and enjoy the sunshine it is the awaking of mother earth.  Everything is new and fresh enjoy it.


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