Warning signs of Psychosis

What are the warning signs of Psychosis?  Well first let me explain what psychosis is.  It is when you lose touch with reality and become entangled up in your own delusions and hallucinations.  First a delusion is a set of false beliefs. For example the CIA bugged your house, or that you are god and have to save the planet.  These are the most common false beliefs.  And hallucinations are things that are not really there.  Yet, you see it yourself.

And this is being in psychosis.  The main warning sign is that your family and friends tell you it is all in your mind and that you need help.  You will actively deny it and think it is real. See you will not be able to reason.  You have lost touch of reality.

See when I was psychotic I was very paranoid and thought everyone was against me and that I had to save humanity because I was Jesus Christ.  I actually really believed it.  I saw connections everywhere.  I went to the gas station once and read the sign on the pump where you get gas and thought it was a sign for God. Your mind plays tricks on you and you are either really smart or crazy.

I think there is a fine line between being really smart and being crazy.  In the movie “Beautiful Mind” the main character John Nash creates this idea that revolutionizes economics.  I believe you are the most creative when you are on the verge of being psychotic.  I wrote this story for my creative writing class in college and everybody loved it.  In the next few weeks I was actively not living in reality.

So, just remember that if you are not grounded in reality that your friends and family please get them the help they need.  They will not agree with you and reason is out of the question so get them help.




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