DBT is dialectical behavior therapy.  It helps anyone in life especially with a mental illness.  I have been through the class 3 times.  In a nutshell it is the merge between Eastern and Western culture.  Mindfulness is the center of theme throughout the course creator and teacher Marsha Linahan.  It is very practical and easy to learn.

Now, we are coming into the age where the Eastern thought is becoming new age Western thought.  I use mindfulness in my daily life.  I try to let things roll off my back, sometimes I get upset with my neighbors on my floor and realize they probably are having a bad day and not to take it personally.  Not letting my emotions get to me and use more of my rational mind.  I am more of a feeling person so using my rational mind is good.  I don’t let things upset me so much as I did before DBT.  I know not everybody is going to like me or I can’t please everybody.  So, the most important thing is to do what you want and that you come first.  Meaning taking time out for yourself and getting to know yourself.

You can be your own worst self critic and you just have to let things be.  Try not to be judgemental of yourself and others.  It can hurt yourself and others and you can ruminate about the situation or thought itself.  Just try to live in the moment enjoy life.


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